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Here is how the process works:

  • You should contact Capital Online Auctions by either using form below or phone (301) 717-6336.
  • Capital Online Auctions will get back with you within 1 business day to discuss your needs. We have many different options including:
  • Provide our representatives coming to your site to take digital photographs, writing a description for each item, creating an item number for each item;
    Resize all images for posting on the web, upload all images and descriptions, categorize all items;
  • Provide our representatives to staff the preview inspection;
  • Provide our representatives for the removal;
  • After determining the amount of items to be sold, the condition, value, amount of time to market the auction, Capital Online Auctions will quote a fee for our services.
  • Capital Online Auctions will send the Letter of Agreement to be signed by the seller and Capital Online Auctions which will outline the removal, auction end date, and the terms of the agreement.
  • Capital Online Auctions will come to your site, or provide you with the details of what we would need for you to provide to inventory, photograph, and create descriptions of every item, including manufacturer, model number and dimensions when applicable.
  • Capital Online Auctions will normally post the auction to the web within 2 business days for auctions with less than 400 items. It may take slightly longer for larger auctions.
  • Capital Online Auctions will market the auction to the best of our ability. We will make cold calls and find other businesses that may have an interest in your items. We will keep your business name confidential if you like. If you provide us with contacts, we would be happy to call or email all of them to help promote the auction.
  • Inspection. Generally the day before the auction end date is the inspection/auction preview. Bidders will come to your site to inspect the items. It is very important to have all of the items looking as clean and presentable as possible. Capitol Online Auctions can staff the preview inspection if desired.
  • Auction End. Capital Online Auctions has the ability to stagger the closing of the auction. We can have 1,5 or 10 items close every minute (or any other time) to make the auction more like a live auction. If there is a bid in the last 3 minutes of the auction, that item will be extended another 3 minutes and will keep extending as long as there are additional bids. This prevents someone from placing a bid at the very end without giving another bidder an opportunity to exceed the bid.
  • Invoice Processing. At the conclusion of the auction, Capital Online Auctions will charge the credit cards and email receipts to all of the winning bidders.
  • Report. Capital Online Auctions will email the seller a detailed report listing every item and the final sale price. We will provide a report breaking down each buyer and all of the items that they have won.
  • Removal. Capital Online Auctions, or the seller will staff the removal. The winning bidders must bring the sales receipt in order to pick up the items. The buyers are responsible for removal of all items. The removal is normally 1 day and 2 days for larger auctions. Any items not picked up during the scheduled dates/times will be considered abandoned. All buyers will sign acknowledging pickup for each item and fax the report to Capitol Online Auctions immediately thereafter.
  • Capital Online Auctions will send the disbursement check for all proceeds to the seller, minus fees within 15 business days after the removal and receipt of the final check out sheet.

Seller Information

Capital Online Auctions, LLC looks forward to working with you to liquidate your assets. If you are liquidating all of your assets, we will make the transition very smooth for you. You can remain in operation until the day of the removal of the items.

What assets are for sale: